Compelling communication for a better world.

I help nonprofits and social enterprises connect with their audiences using graphic design, data visualization, and engaging storytelling.

Andrea Robertson

Hi, I'm Andrea Robertson!

I use information design – graphics, illustration, and data visualization – to help nonprofits, scientists, and mission-driven organizations communicate complex ideas to the world.

What can I do for you?


Shine a light on your work with infographics, data visualizations, and Annual Reports that captivate and connect.


Chart your course with a guided DIY communications plan to unify your message and grow your impact.


Refine your messaging with actionable steps and motivating tips to help you develop your own visual communication skills.

Every tweet, report, and data visualization is a conversation.

Who are you talking to?

Audentify is a 7-day email course that will help you identify your audiences, find them online, and take your first steps toward building a communications plan that works.

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