How effective are text-to-donate services?

In today’s guest post, Eric Bryant shows us another technology tool that can automate parts of your nonprofit’s operations — automated donations, in this case. Eric is the head of Gnosis Media Group, which provides text-to-donate services for nonprofits and other organizations.    There is a plethora of research out there indicating that your nonprofit […]

Nonprofit Infographics: How to show your story

How do you translate your nonprofit’s written story into an engaging infographic? I’ve talked about nonprofit storytelling and nonprofit infographics separately in the past, but today we’re combining the two into captivating, shareable content to educate and engage your audiences. I’ll walk you through the creation of an informative infographic and nonprofit profile. The behind-the-scenes […]

The Old Brain and the Sea

A decade ago, I was working as a snorkel guide in the Caribbean (I know, poor me). Day in and day out, I would take people into the water and teach them about the marine life we found. As much as possible, I tried to use analogies so people could connect the alien world of the reef to […]

The Nonprofit Annual Report: 6 ways to use infographics to show your work

Reports of the infographic’s death are greatly exaggerated. Despite claims that infographics are just a passing fad, they’ve managed to stick around. And why wouldn’t they? Infographics are great for engaging and educating audiences, especially on social media platforms. If you’re trying to explain something complex, infographics are a non-intimidating way to walk your audiences […]

The Nonprofit Annual Report: How to be a storytelling nonprofit

There’s a lot of talk in nonprofit circles of being a storytelling nonprofit. Everyone seems to agree that being a storytelling nonprofit is a great way to engage funders and supporters, but there isn’t quite so much consensus on how storytelling should happen. Meanwhile, we’re also gearing up for Annual Report season. You know, that […]