The Nonprofit Annual Report: 6 ways to use infographics to show your work

Reports of the infographic’s death are greatly exaggerated. Despite claims that infographics are just a passing fad, they’ve managed to stick around. And why wouldn’t they? Infographics are great for engaging and educating audiences, especially on social media platforms. If you’re trying to explain something complex, infographics are a non-intimidating way to walk your audiences […]

Identity Heft: Metrics and messaging, by the numbers

Today’s post on metrics and messaging is a double-whammy: it’s the first in my Identity Heft series, PLUS it’s an excerpt from my nonprofit communications planning toolkit. Workshop in a Box is an interactive guide to building (or reinforcing) your nonprofit’s communications from the ground up.   Take a moment and have another look at […]

The Perils of Pi

Happy Pi Day! On this, the most venerated of holidays, it seems only right to examine the use and misuse of circles in graphs. The circle is a friendly shape. Where squares and rectangles scream precision and rigidity, circles are more go-with-the-flow – which makes them ideal in data visualizations for non-science audiences. Yet behind […]