Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

Dataviz, Design

The Challenge

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society provides housing and support services for young at-risk Aboriginal mothers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The AMCS wanted a brochure that illustrated their work and impact to potential funders. A companion piece would then outline an unusual yet effective funding arrangement that could make a financial difference for the AMCS and its work.

The Process

I collaborated with Cause + Effect to develop graphs and infographics that explained complex financial arrangements efficiently and effectively, wrapped in an appealing brochure layout. I used the AMCS’s existing branding to build out a more complete color palette and visual identity.

The Outcome

In both pieces, photos put a human face on the statistics and graphics featured throughout. The final products are designed to be printed on 8.5 × 11 and 11 × 17 inch paper, allowing the AMCS to reduce costs by printing in-house.

Date: 2015
Client: Aboriginal Mother Centre Society
Research and Writing: Cause + Effect
Design and Illustration: Hypsypops Design Co.


AMCS Overview

An introduction to the work and impact of Vancouver’s Aboriginal Mother Centre Society.






Social Impact Bonds

This piece accompanied the main briefing, making the business case for a social impact bond funding model.