Caught Up in Catch Shares

Dataviz, Interactive, Research

The Challenge

Caught Up in Catch Shares was a year-long investigation into the long-term socioeconomic effects that individual transferable quotas (ITQs, a type of management scheme) have had on BC’s coastal communities. I served as lead author on the project, coordinating all research, data analysis, data visualizations, writing, and communications.

The Process

I collaborated with the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation and fellow Ecotrust Canada staff to explore the many angles of ITQs’ effects on coastal communities – social, cultural, economic, environmental, and legal.

The Outcome

Three deliverables were produced for this project: a full-length report, a six-page briefing, and an online interactive report. The interactive piece features graphs and diagrams that invite the reader to explore the findings and data for themselves.

Date: 2014-2015
Clients: T. Buck Suzuki Environmental FoundationEcotrust Canada
Lead Author: Andrea Robertson
Interactive Graphics: Andrea Robertson


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