Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum

Dataviz, Design

The Challenge

Ecotrust Canada had been working with the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum to evaluate different ways the nearby Crown game preserve could be managed to the benefit of nearby First Nations communities and wanted an engaging way to present their findings to the Forum and community members.

The Process

I worked with the report authors to marry wording, photos, and illustrations with the report findings. Infographics tell the qualitative stories, while graphs tell the quantitative ones – all with an open, approachable feeling that invites non-technical audiences to read more.

The Outcome

The final product was a pair of booklets. The first illustrates employment challenges and opportunities in neighboring communities, while the second focuses on the financial and ecological projections for different game preserve management options.

Date: 2014
Client: Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum
Writing: Ecotrust Canada
Design and Layout: Andrea Robertson


Building a Conservation Economy

Infographics illustrating employment roadblocks and potential solutions.


Download the Full Report


Redesigning the Forest Economy

Graphs and illustrations to show financial strategies for the future.


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